Sunday, May 22, 2011

To my long lost Friend...

I’ve been thinking so hard on how or in what way I can THANK YOU for everything.
I know we’ve been friends since we were in college.
Funny though how we started as friends, but for me having you as my friend is like a gift.
Even though we don’t see each other often, we took different paths, and even we don’t have a communication for most of the times, still we know that in our hearts our friendship will last and hope that somehow we’ll meet again.

You what I love about my dear friend here?
That even though how many times I’ve changed my number, he still finds way to TRACK me. Haha
He always finds his way to contact or just to have a communication with me then he’ll just ask if I’m still kickin’. Hehe
Aww, he’s so sweet ayt? Harhar

After a few years, he did contact me again.
I was shock when he texted me again and asking me out.
It happened last December 30, 2010, we meet again.
He treated me for dinner and then had some drinks at Padis in Skygarden.
Although we were both tired because we spend a lot of time to decide where to hang out, we still enjoyed the night.
Actually we didn’t notice that it was already 3am in the morning.
(Hindi ko mapigilang tumawa ng malakas pag binabara kita at ayaw mo pang magpatalo.hehe)
It just really means that we enjoyed our company although it was just the two of us.
Then after that he accompanied me to go to my friend who’s at the parlor by that time.
Yes, she’s having her hair spa at midnight. Bwahahaha. So I joined her as well. (whatta trip)

And thank you again for your treat on May 18, 2011 at Trinoma.
You always surprised me.
(Bigla bigla ka na lang kasi nagpaparamdam, para kang MUMU. hihi)
I enjoyed your company again.
I had so much fun with you. Hehe
Still you didn’t fail to make me smile or laugh so hard.

Hope you know that you will always be one of my best friends ever.
I wish that this is not the last time that we’ll be together.
Just remember that even though we don’t see each other that much, even we don’t have communication at most times, we’ll stay friends no matter what happens.
Friends forever ayt?

Hey, I kept what I promised.
I already featured you here in my blog.
Bwahahaha.. (bongga ka, kauna-unahan, goodluck naman kung mabasa mo pa to..hehe)

Thank you so much my dearest friend.

And because you don’t have a blog or even an account in FB


  1. wow, sweet naman! I do have a bestfriend and she's busy ryt now just like me. Mas busy nga lang siya dahil tired na ang katawan nya, stressed pa ang brain niya, lagi siyang nasa field kasi. lagi niya akong nititreat kapag magkasama kami, baliktad pero ever since kasi nung highschool, siya na talaga ang nanlilibre.haha Sana makasama ko siya ulit soon.(para ilibre ako,dahil mas malaki ang sahod niya)hahaha. wag mo papakawalan ang friend mo dahil forever yan hindi ka iiwan kahit malayo ka.

  2. Opo..^_^
    ansarap magkaron ng bestfriend na lageng nanlilibre nuh? hehehehe..
    Hope magkabonding n ulit kayo ng bespren mong sweet, im sure madameng kwentuhan na naman at tawanan yan..hihi.wag mo dn sya pakawalan ha, apir.^_^

  3. apir! hehe oo naman nagkakatext kami at nagkikita pag may time.hehe

  4. Wow, ako naman I have Best friend- she is she.. hehehe. She's just adorable. Kasi older sya sa akin, ang dating parang mama ko sya, she's 30 ako 20. and she does takes good care of me, telling me good things and we do have good connection to God.

  5. really?
    how sweet naman po..
    maswerete ka dn po TIM for having a friend like her..^_^

  6. si robert ba un? sa UE cal ka ba nagcollege?

  7. hahahaha..aus ah..wat a small world?
    kilala mo dn xa? natawa nman aq dun..hahahaha..

  8. sayang at paktay na yung isa sa mga bestfriend ko... hidni ko na masasabi sakanyan yung gusto kong sabihin.. pati yung 2nd round ng suntukan namin hindi na matutuloy : (

    na miss ko tuloy xa. . .

  9. @xan- awww..sorry..
    peo i know binabantayan k p dn po ng bestfriend mo qng asan man po xa ^_^