Wednesday, December 8, 2010

missing you..

You're my peace of mind..
in this crazy world...

hope you're here beside me right now..
it's just an hour since we've been apart..
but it feels like a century for me..

nagdadrama lang..
nabobored ako eeh..

Asan na kaya mga friends ko?
filing ko ang layo ko na sa knila..

  i miss you all..
especially you..
hope we'l all be together soon..

Friday, October 15, 2010


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Sa aking paggising, tila lumilindol...

dahil sa mga pangyayare sa mga nakalipas na araw...

di ko maintindihan kung baket kelangan mangyare ang
mga masasamang bagay sa mundo...

tila dinaanan ng earthquake ang napakagulo kong buhay..

magulo na nga nagkaearthquake pa?

me gosh?

help me please...


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I used to write anything that I want...
usually on how about I feel...
I used to write it in my favorite notebook, “the black one ",
which was given to me by my friend...
Then suddenly..

I’ve learned about “BLOG "...

Actually I don’t know what BLOG is all about, I’m just curious
That’s why I’ve tried blogging.^__^
Even if I don’t know how these things worked.
I’ll just write anything that comes from my mind.
(No sense at all)

Until one day, someone told me “I think you have a potential"...
Then I told him “what? Are you serious?”
I mean I’m not that good when it comes to writing.
Seriously, I’m not into it.
But in fairness because of that compliment,
I started doing this BLOG.

Thanks for that person who inspires me to write again.
Maybe I can say that ‘You’re my Inspiration.’
I just hope that I could be an inspiration to someone else
(& ang mkapagpasaya ng taong nakakabasa nito)
Just like what you did.

And I guess this is how my journey begins with you guys…