Monday, May 2, 2011


As I was staring at the sky, looking at the clouds I noticed that the Sun is a G-type main sequence star comprising about 99.8632% of the total mass of the Solar System. It is a near-perfect sphere, with an oblateness estimated at about 9 millionths, which means that its polar diameter differs from its equatorial diameter by only 10 km. As the Sun consists of a plasma and is not solid, it rotates faster at its equator than at its poles. This behavior is known as differential rotation, and is caused by convection in the Sun and the movement of mass, due to steep temperature gradients from the core outwards. This mass carries a portion of the Sun’s counter-clockwise angular momentum, as viewed from the ecliptic north pole, thus redistributing the angular velocity. The period of this actual rotation is approximately 25.6 days at the equator and 33.5 days at the poles. However, due to our constantly changing vantage point from the Earth as it orbits the Sun, the apparent rotation of the star at its equator is about 28 days. The centrifugal effect of this slow rotation is 18 million times weaker than the surface gravity at the Sun's equator. The tidal effect of the planets is even weaker, and does not significantly affect the shape of the Sun in short that is why it is super duper hot today. Hahaha.

And then suddenly I also noticed that the reason why I can see the sky clearly is because our rooftop is already gone, oh men where’s our rooftop? Hehehe. Just Kidding. Anyway, are you worried that you’re brain may drain just as your skin might be dehydrated this summer time? Well here are some tips on what to do this summer:

  •  Do drink plenty of water to avoid getting heat stroke and hydrate your skin. Make sure you begin your summer day with a large glass of water and before stepping outside be sure to have another large glass. 
  • Do wear large sunglasses for eye protection. Too much sun can produce cataracts so it is very important to protect your eyes from sun damage.
  •   Go to the beach and have fun. Go to some places that you’d never tried before it is much better if you’re with your friends or your whole family.
  • Create your blog. Anybody can blog these days. It's fun and educational. You can write anything that you wanted and you can share it to everyone.
  • Make your own ice cream. With a few basic ingredients you can make your own ice cream at home.
  • Go for a walk or a jog in the park.
  • Participate in a charity. Wee, I really love this idea. ^_^
  • Go make and fly a creative kite, it’s fun you’ll see.
  • Take photos of all the pretty things that you’ll see in your town and then turn it into a photo collage.
  • Attend the feast near your place, It is a Catholic Prayer Meeting of the Light Of Jesus Family where in you can become more closer to God.
Don’t let summer get on your way. I mean have fun while it’s hot, better to go along with the hotness.
Be super duper hot just like the summer. Hihi. 

That’s all for now folks.

 Enjoy and God bless.


  1. haha, natawa aq dito, :D
    very good, i lab dis post..

  2. hahahaha eh ganun? nyahahaha.. talgang hot na hot akoo. hehe

    ms anonymous.. i suggest that you change your font. ^_^ im having difficulties reading it. hahaha

  3. agree with MG, hirap nya basahin eh,..hehe :p

  4. mind ur own business..
    hahaha..just kidding..
    i couldn't chuz kc wat color shud i use in my font eeh..hahaha..anyway, thanks.. mo?love u too..

    @MG- hot ka??kelan pa? hahaha

  5. hi thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting but I notice you keep on calling mommy raz on your comment. I am not mommy raz. This is mayen from clicks and cuts and I happen to now mommy raz. lol.

    Anyway, I agree with MG that you might want to change the font of your post.It's kind of hard to read. Just saying. I thought you should know. Thanks so much.