Wednesday, May 18, 2011



Who wants to buy my HEART?
I’m having it for sale.
Although it’s only second hand, still it functions well.
Because once I sold it whole, but someone returned it broken.
Now, I had it all repaired and now I’m back in business.
Who wants to buy my heart?
Satisfaction guaranteed.
It has free service charge and a lifetime warranty.
So if you’re asking for the price, well, you are in a bargain, it only cost…


You’re probably reading this maybe because it caught your attention or maybe because you’re single and feel like you have no place to turn to. Let me share to you the top 10 reasons why some people are still single according to MADLANG people:

1.     DESTINY ADDICT- those people who believed or rely in destiny. (umaasa sa tadhana)
2.     PERFECTIONIST- those people who were very super duper choosy.
3.     WORKAHOLIC- those people who were always busy. (busy busyhan)
4.     FRIENDSHIP THEORY- those people who believed that if you’re friends, you just have to stay as friends.
5.     EX to the 9th POWER- those people who were not able to get over to their past.
6.     FAMILY FEUD- those people who were afraid to their or to the parents of their special someone.
7.     FOREVER BASTED- those people whom never been in a relationship before. (walang magkamali)
8.     HEART ATTACK- those people who’s afraid to get hurt.
9.     SILENT HACKER- those people who fell for someone who’s always been taken. (lageng minamahal yung taken na)
10.   WAITER- those people who’s been waiting for his/her entire life for nothing.

Well, whatever reasons you have, for me one of the reasons why singleness seems scary is because of the term itself- SNGLE.
What is it about being single that makes people feel bad?
Why are people ashamed of being single?
The only single people who claim to be lonely are those who choose to be lonely.
The problem is not that we are single; the problem is our negative views about being single.
Being single is only a problem if you let it be a problem.
There is no reason to be depressed or embarrassed about being single.
In other words, view being single not as a condition to be cured, but as an opportunity to be explored and lived out to its fullest.

Being single is a choice.
Some say to avoid heartaches, heartbreaks and love problems. But some single choose to be single because…


Mabuhay ang mga SINGLE!!!
Although I’m in a relationship right now, I consider myself as a Single.
I’m not yet married so I can consider myself single ayt?
OOhlalala.. ^_^


  1. hahaha eh san ako jan? nyahahaha

  2. gusto mo sagutin ko talaga yan? gusto mo no. nlang bigay q? bwahahahaha..magkaalaman na..hahahaha :P

  3. naku naman! Salamat sa visit!

  4. That is very interesting, thanks for sharing.

  5. your welcome my dear..
    my pleasure..^_^

  6. hehehe may gusto akong idagdag.
    no.11. Ugliness : panget na mukha panget pa ang ugali kaya nanantiling single.hehe sad but true.
    "Although I’m in a relationship right now, I consider myself as a Single."
    hahaha, I like it! ako din sige single na.hehehe

  7. @ mark-hehehehe..toomooo..super agree ako jan..
    apir ^o^
    totoo naman po db?hihi
    thanks po sa pagvisit..^_^

  8. for sale din heart ko. . ^_^

    may discount to kasi may hidden defect hehe..
    pero kahit broken tong heart ko matibay paden ito, kaya nitong tumanggap ng kahit na anong sakit, aalagaan mo lang pag binili mo ha??

  9. @xan-hahhahahahahaha ^_________^
    anong hidden effect mron yang heart mo? harharhar