Friday, September 30, 2011

Like an Angel..^_^

Oh yeah, im back with more stories to share.^_^

Last September 18, we went for an outreach at the Anawim Lay Missions Foundation.
Anawim means Home of God's Poor with a mission to build Catholic lay communities that provide christian homes, evangelization, and service to the poor and abandoned in society.
It is the home of 55 abandoned elderly plus a few orphans and physically and mentally handicapped persons.

We enjoyed spending some time with the lolo’s and lola’s out there.
Most of them were seeking some attention.

I was touched with Lola Ela who was already a bedridden.
I asked her if she wanted to go out and come with us to have some fun, then she suddenly hold my hand tightly like she wanted to come.
Her voice was like stuttering and couldn’t say or express what she really wanted to say.
She holds my hand as if she never wanted to let go.
I was kinda sad for that moment because she wasn’t able to come with us.
I kissed her goodbye though before we went out.

Then another lola caught our attention because she was super duper kikay.
We called her Lola Ganda because before she went out, she puts some make up first and wear her pretty tiara.
She’s so bubbly and energetic as if she’s still young but what amazed all of us was that she’s turning 100 years old this December.
Whew, amazing isn’t it? ^__^

We had lots of fun with them.
We organized some games like “Pinoy Henyo” and even sang a song for them.
What’s more interesting was that another batch of Lola’s joined us.
One member of them wanted to celebrate her birthday together with these lola’s and lolo’s.
They’re a bunch of singers I guess, they sing very well.
No wonder, they were a member of choir. Harhar

We even enjoyed their song number esp. when one lolo and lola had a sweet moment wherein they had a duet and sings perfectly together as if they were love birds.

{Aww, I love watching them…it reminds me of my pretty lola and esp. my handsome lolo who already passed away.}

Oh yeah, by the way guys Kiki's with us.
Actually he met his long lost girlfriend here.
I would like to present to you…
Lola Vicky and Kikilabotz..
“The new love team of the month.” Hehehehe..

Aww, another cheezinessss, he taught lola Vicky how to do the peace sign..lels.. ^_^

Lola Vicky was famous with her killer dance moves.
The “Pababa ng pababa moves.”

This one’s really funny.
We enjoyed watching both of them dancing together. Hehehe
{Peace Kiki..^_______^}

Another priceless experienced which I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Thanks Papa God for giving me this opportunity to spend some time and to share joy and happiness to others as well as to those who needs it most.
I would always love to be your instrument to help others.

Hope you can also be an Angel for someone.
We don’t need to have halo or wings to be called an Angel, all we need to do is to show or give some love and care for someone even if we don’t know that person.

 Have a nice day everyone.


  1. This post is awesome! na touch ako sa story ni lola na bedridden.. sana next birthday ko kasama ko ang mga lolo at lola na yan ^^, dun ako mag celebrate.

  2. ocge punta tau dun sa bday mo ha xanxan..
    balik tau dun, msaya po promise
    ipasched q na ba?hehehehe..^___^

  3. napansin ko ang gwapo ni kikilabotz, hmmmmm crush ko na siya

  4. kiki- wag mo ngang pinaglololoko sarili mo..ung isang account mo pa gnamit mo pra mgcoment..bwahahahaha..pis vinshy..^_^

  5. wow... namimiss ko rin yang mga outreach program... ang tagal na nung huli akong sumama sa ganyan..

  6. Hello... you have a lovely blog btw :D

  7. Hahaha, ikaw ang galing ng new love team. Siguro si Lola yung sinasabi ni Kikilabotz na kadate niya after ng Spa. hahaha!

  8. @mark- gusto mo po sama next tym pag meron ulet kme?hehehe

    @mika- thanks

    @sey- hahaha, honga bumalik ata xa dun pra mkipagdate kay Lola Vicky..harharhar

    @arvin- c kiki po ay parang big bro. namen..were friends..^_^

  9. oo ba,mukhang masarap sa pakiramdam iyan hehe

  10. like the post. so inspiring po.. nakakatouch ung mga lolo at lola.

  11. Ganda ng naging experience mo. This for sure is to be cherished for the rest of your life.

  12. wow.
    last time kami din pero sa house of hope..parang mental hospital lang pero nkktuwa mga production numbers nila :)

  13. @ka-swak- aun oh..napadpad k dn dto..hehehe..thanks..

    @mai- tlaga?sama ka dn samen next time pag meron ulet..^_^ muah

  14. good job on paying it forward... Keep it up :-)