Tuesday, October 4, 2011

pempem ^_^

Sometimes you don't have to hate someone for hurting you.
And it's not proper to be bitter either.
And the truth is, it's really  a common mistake among us individuals...

For we live with our expectations.
We oblige others to to love us back,
for in the first place we don't have the right.

It hurts when it sounds so RIGHT
but that's life after all.

ACCEPTANCE and most of all...



  1. hi ate.. naalala ko si papa jack kapag nakakabasa o nakakarinig ako ng "pempem"

    magandang araw po :)

  2. bakit pempem :) hehehhe

  3. thanks potato, istambay and ate krissy ^_^

    @kikomax- wala po q maicp na title..hehehe ^_^

    @mayen- thanks..muaah

  4. the hardest of all.

    lol. I mean, I have this classmate who I don't get along with eversince and two years ago she confronted and it did not end up really well, we fought and since then I acted as if I don't see her in class. Last monday, she came to give me a task (kc nag fuse ung group namin) and I did not look at her, not even a glimpse, I just nodded, not listening to every word she said.

    I hate her! so much!!! lol.

  5. Acceptance--- that's the right term for us to just move on..echos! napadaan lang at kumowment na rin!

  6. @mai- hahahaha..ikaw na supladita..^_^
    well, sana mgkaaus n kau ng clasmate mo n yan,mas msaya qng wla kang kaaway ayt? harhar..mdali sabihin mhirap gawin..hahaha..pro kaya mo yan..^_^

    @hana- thanks po sa pagdaan..hehe..^_^

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