Monday, May 16, 2011


Do you know what a miracle baby looks like?
Ahem, I mean do you know what is a miracle baby?
Well, actually I have a story to tell that somehow they called a miracle baby.

A few years ago, there’s a couple who’s excited to have their 2nd child born.
The pregnant woman is on her labor term and even though this is her 2nd time, everyone was still so excited.
The long awaited day came, the woman was gonna bear her child.
She was happy and excited though she was in pain.
When the baby comes out of the womb, there is silence.
Unfortunately, the baby didn’t cried when it was delivered.
The doctor patted the buttocks of the baby so that it should cry but sad to say, the baby had no response.
The doctor proclaimed the baby dead.
The couples together with their family grieved when they found out about it.
They couldn’t do anything about it.
The mother cuddled her baby tight, not wanting her to let go.
Alas, the baby looks definitely cute. (hehe)
They called the priest to bless their baby.
When the priest was gonna bless the baby, he asked the mother what name would she gives her baby?
She replied with a shivery voice, “Inah Marie”.
But when the priest’s already gonna proclaim it, the father surprisingly shouted “Michelle”.
Oh yeah, he wants to name his child Michelle.

(Hindi siguro sila nag-usap ng asawa niya kung ano ipapangalan nila sa baby nila..bwahahaha)

Then all of a sudden, the baby cried.
Whoooaaahh, it’s a miracle. (they said)
 All of them were shocked, even the doctor.
It is really a miracle indeed.

(Oh delayed lang talaga ang reaction ng batang ito.haneeep!!hehe)

The couples thanked God for what had happened.
They couldn’t explain what happened but they were thankful because their baby lived and survived.
That’s why from then on; they called her as a miracle baby.
And you know what?
That this baby grew up as a cute, successful, and a professional nurse.
Just kidding.hehehe

(Although lumaki syang cute, este di pla sya lumaki tumandang cute lang..hehe.tambay mode muna sya ngaun because she has no job at his time.)

That’s why she’s kinda busy writing in this blog. ^_^

she's really cute ayt? hihihi

“If you have been asking for miracles with no results, remember that God still loves you and hasn’t forgotten you. Nor is he indifferent to your suffering. Don’t let your faith depend on miracles, but instead, asks God to accomplish his purposes even if he doesn’t answer your prayers in precisely the way you hope he will”.   ^_^


  1. what a beautiful story. Ang galing naman. You are a miracle baby. Maybe God proved how much your parents love you that's why in the last minute he decided to give you to them.

    Treasure the life God has given you. Make the most out of it and good luck on your job hunting. :)

  2. wow , so my friend is a miracle baby? naks naman. hehehe. sabi na nga ba, ano man pinagdadaanan mo, may plan si God para sayo. magtiwala k lng ^_^

  3. @ MG- thanks,nagiicp kc aq ng mgandang topic sa blog..then naicp q baket d aq magcmula ng about sken..hehe..^_^
    need to do more..5 down..hehe

    @mayen- ayeeh..thanks dn ^_^
    God gve me another chance and i knw that he gve all of us not just a 2nd chance, that's why we shouldn't waste the opportunty that He gave 2us..
    you too, enjoy and live ur life to the fullest. ^_^ Godbless..muaah

  4. awesome! God blessed you ^_^

    yung pamangkin ko din miracle baby.. ayun! subrang kulet nya ngayon hahaha!

  5. @xan- hehehehe..wla ka mgawa no?nagbabasa k na dn ha..hehehehe..

    nice, preho pla kme ng pamangkin mo eeh..makuleeeetttzz...hihi..^_^