Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I used to write anything that I want...
usually on how about I feel...
I used to write it in my favorite notebook, “the black one ",
which was given to me by my friend...
Then suddenly..

I’ve learned about “BLOG "...

Actually I don’t know what BLOG is all about, I’m just curious
That’s why I’ve tried blogging.^__^
Even if I don’t know how these things worked.
I’ll just write anything that comes from my mind.
(No sense at all)

Until one day, someone told me “I think you have a potential"...
Then I told him “what? Are you serious?”
I mean I’m not that good when it comes to writing.
Seriously, I’m not into it.
But in fairness because of that compliment,
I started doing this BLOG.

Thanks for that person who inspires me to write again.
Maybe I can say that ‘You’re my Inspiration.’
I just hope that I could be an inspiration to someone else
(& ang mkapagpasaya ng taong nakakabasa nito)
Just like what you did.

And I guess this is how my journey begins with you guys…

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