Friday, September 28, 2012

Para Sa Taong Bitter..

Thanks for talking bad about me and for MAKING ME THE CENTER OF YOUR WORLD!!!

I'm just curious, why do people with closed mind always open their mouths???
Hmm.. If you can't understand my silence, how can I expect you to understand my words??
You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your HATEFULNESS...
But like the air I will always rise! ^___________^

Anyway, I don't need your bad attitude because I have one of my own.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Because I Love You, so I Wanna Know You ^_^

Thank You to XAN GERNA of WHEN MY VAIN BRAIN STIRS for tagging me in this game. Actually this will be my first post for this year. Haha. (Pinilit kasi ako nung isa jan) Joke. Hihi. ^_^ Game!

The rules are simple:
1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them that you've tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about 'you are tagged if you are reading this' You have to tag 11 peeps.

11 Random Things About Me

1. I love God.
2. Im kinda sweet and cute. ^_^
3. I love it when my boyfriend cooks my favorite dish. He always makes me smile.
4. I like eating pizza and spaghetti. I just love to eat. Hehe
5. I can hold my breath for 5 seconds. Hahaha
6. I love dark chocolates.
7. I'm a Nursing Graduate but currently working as a Program Assistant. Hihi.
8. "Buffering"- the right word to describe me. Hahaha
9. I used to sleep in prone position with both of my feet elevated. Haha
10. I don't know how to ride a bike. ^_^
11. I love to travel.

My answers to my tagger's questions ^_^

1. Why do think you're tagged in this game?
- Maybe bcoz he wanted me to blog again. Hahaha. (Em i right xanxan?)
2. How do you see your self five years from now?
- I hope I would have helped many people with the blessings which I've received for the past 5 years.
3. What is your favorite meal?
- Chicken joy? Hahaha.
4. How often do you change your socks when you were in High School ?
- Ehem, everyday?
5. Do you love Korean movies?
- Yeah, kinda.
6. Are you a morning or evening person?
- Hmm, both? hihi
7. If you had a GF / BF. How do you feel when you breakup with him / her ?
- Happy? hahaha. I don't regret breaking up with them coz I think I made the right decision. Im super kakakilig happy with my boyfirend now. ^_^
8. Do you think Jolina Magdangal's acting is better than Judy Ann Santos?
- I don't know. Haha. (Are u a jolens or juday fanatic xanxan?) Hehehe
9. with or without condom?
- condom for what? Hihihi
10. What is your Philosophy in life ?
- Always trust God.
11. If you have something to say to the tagger (that is me), what would it be?
- Thank you poging Xanxan for tagging me. Hehehe. ^_^

Here's my Questions:

1. What is your complete name and mailing address? ^_^
2. What treatment would you seek if you were addicted to therapy?
3. If a bus stops at a bus station, does your work stop at your workstation?

4. Which was the naughtiest prank you played in school?

5. Who's the funniest person you have ever met?

6. If they accidentally step on your foot, then ask, "did that hurt?" Why?

7. Who is your first crush? ^_^
8. What would you call the fear of fears?

9. Why is the man who invests all your money called a 'broker'?
10. Which do you prefer patrick or spongebob?
11. If you have something to say to the tagger (that is me), what would it be?

Tag goes to these following awesome bloggers/reader that I love so much :D sorry to bother you with this ^_^ xoxo :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Super Duper Crush ^_^

Lalalala lalalalalalalala..
Wala po akong maisip na maipost kasi kasi kasi..
kinikilig akoooooo gang ngaun.
Ang saya saya namen nung Sunday nila ate kasi nakasama namen si super duper crush namen.
Di namen alam na siya pala ung head ng sinalihan namen na ministry, we thought kasali lang din sya dun.

Talagang lahat gagawen makasama lang si crush eeh no?
At dahil jan pagtapos namen, nagpektyur pektyur kame ksama xa. Hihihihi.
At di pa talaga ako makamove on until now kinikilig ako tuwing nakikita ko ung picture namen.
Ginawa ko pang wallpaper ng fon ko ang pix namen. Nemeeeeeenn..
Hahahaha. Ako na, ako na talaga.
Speechless ako pag kinakausap nya ako, di ko alam gagawen kung tatalon ba q sa tuwa o tatakbo palayo sa kanya para sumigaw at kinikilig ako. Hahaha.
Tingin pa lang nakakatunaw na. Syeeet.. What's happening to me?
Di naman ako ganito date. Hahaha. Anlandeeeeee mo na ishe.. Harharharhar

Pero sorry nalan samen kc taken na sya. How sad. Huhuhuhu.
At andame din my crush sa kanya. Gosh. Dame namen kaagaw. Hahahaha.

Anyway, masaya na kameng kilala niya kame.

Oh dba?
Kame ang Powerpuff Girls at siya si Professor at ang swerte ng monkey{mojowjowjow} namen kasi hawak sya ni crush..sana ako nalang hawak nya. Bwahahahahaha
Mejo hawog niya talaga si Dennis Trillo kaya super crush namen sya.
Bute nalan di niya alam blog ko. Hindi naman siguro nya to mababasa. Hahahaha.

Hoping for more chance na makasama sya sa mga susunod na events sa Feast.
Soo excited.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

pempem ^_^

Sometimes you don't have to hate someone for hurting you.
And it's not proper to be bitter either.
And the truth is, it's really  a common mistake among us individuals...

For we live with our expectations.
We oblige others to to love us back,
for in the first place we don't have the right.

It hurts when it sounds so RIGHT
but that's life after all.

ACCEPTANCE and most of all...


Friday, September 30, 2011

Like an Angel..^_^

Oh yeah, im back with more stories to share.^_^

Last September 18, we went for an outreach at the Anawim Lay Missions Foundation.
Anawim means Home of God's Poor with a mission to build Catholic lay communities that provide christian homes, evangelization, and service to the poor and abandoned in society.
It is the home of 55 abandoned elderly plus a few orphans and physically and mentally handicapped persons.

We enjoyed spending some time with the lolo’s and lola’s out there.
Most of them were seeking some attention.

I was touched with Lola Ela who was already a bedridden.
I asked her if she wanted to go out and come with us to have some fun, then she suddenly hold my hand tightly like she wanted to come.
Her voice was like stuttering and couldn’t say or express what she really wanted to say.
She holds my hand as if she never wanted to let go.
I was kinda sad for that moment because she wasn’t able to come with us.
I kissed her goodbye though before we went out.

Then another lola caught our attention because she was super duper kikay.
We called her Lola Ganda because before she went out, she puts some make up first and wear her pretty tiara.
She’s so bubbly and energetic as if she’s still young but what amazed all of us was that she’s turning 100 years old this December.
Whew, amazing isn’t it? ^__^

We had lots of fun with them.
We organized some games like “Pinoy Henyo” and even sang a song for them.
What’s more interesting was that another batch of Lola’s joined us.
One member of them wanted to celebrate her birthday together with these lola’s and lolo’s.
They’re a bunch of singers I guess, they sing very well.
No wonder, they were a member of choir. Harhar

We even enjoyed their song number esp. when one lolo and lola had a sweet moment wherein they had a duet and sings perfectly together as if they were love birds.

{Aww, I love watching them…it reminds me of my pretty lola and esp. my handsome lolo who already passed away.}

Oh yeah, by the way guys Kiki's with us.
Actually he met his long lost girlfriend here.
I would like to present to you…
Lola Vicky and Kikilabotz..
“The new love team of the month.” Hehehehe..

Aww, another cheezinessss, he taught lola Vicky how to do the peace sign..lels.. ^_^

Lola Vicky was famous with her killer dance moves.
The “Pababa ng pababa moves.”

This one’s really funny.
We enjoyed watching both of them dancing together. Hehehe
{Peace Kiki..^_______^}

Another priceless experienced which I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Thanks Papa God for giving me this opportunity to spend some time and to share joy and happiness to others as well as to those who needs it most.
I would always love to be your instrument to help others.

Hope you can also be an Angel for someone.
We don’t need to have halo or wings to be called an Angel, all we need to do is to show or give some love and care for someone even if we don’t know that person.

 Have a nice day everyone.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

happy botdey!!!

Ako'y nagbabalik ng panandalian upang bumati...
sa isang naging malapit na blogero at kaibigan..

Happy happy happy na...
birthday pa ni xan-xan..^_^

Pasensya na, nalate ang bati ko..
Busy lang at walang net..harhar

eto na gift ko...

If I couldn't be the first one to wish you,
at least I can be the last one to cross your mind this birthday!
Happy Belated Birthday.
I hope you had an amazing day!

kwitz na tau..hahaha

Friday, September 2, 2011


It's sad that you think "Im Sorry" fixes everything..

You have a lot of growing up to do dude..


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Girl..

Sa di malamang dahilan, ano nga ba ang pumasok sa isip ko at bigla biglang naisipan kong maglantad?
Bwaahahahaha..Si Anony kuno ay biglaang nagpakilala. Hehehe. Actually di ko din alam, siguro sa sobrang wala na akong maisip na isulat.. hahahaha. Siguro dahil na din sa malaya na ako {ky ex? bitterness} at gusto ko din ng bagong tema, ung kyut, parang ako {wag kna kumontra,alam q ikaw lan nman ang ngiisang kokontra}. Hahahaha. :P

At sa di ko din malaman na dahilan, ano nga din ba ang pumasok sa isip ng papa ko {tatay, ama, haligi ng tahanan, bka iba maicip.haha} at nais akong pasalihin sa My Girl ng Hapiyipiyehey? Bwahahahahaha.
Natawa talaga ako bigla dto, sinakto pa nyang kumakaen ako ng sabihin nya un at muntik na talaga ako mabilaukan. Hahaha.

Papa: Etey, sumali ka nga jan sa My girl ng manalo na tayo ng 1Million at brand new car.

Etey: {ubo, ubo} help, nabilaukan ako..eeeerrr?
Seryoso ka ba jan Pa? Hahahahaha.. Ano laban ko jan?
Height pa lang bagsak na ko eeh.. Looks? sa kyutness pasok pa ko eeeh.haha {pampalubag loob tlaga}
Katawan? Sexy kba? wla kang bilbil? kung wala, ikaw n lan ang sumali. haha. My baby fats ako eeh. Haha
Utak? Hmmm.. Yan, yan ang madalas ko naiiwan pag umaalis ng bahay. Bwahahahaha

Hindi naman sa wala akong utak, nakakalimutan ko lang talaga minsan,hahahaha,
malala nyan di ko natatandaan kung san ko naiiwan eeh.hehehe, Ako na uto uto madalas. Harhar

Papa: Maliliit lang din yang mga yan, mgsuot k n lang ng mataas na heels..

Etey: Bongga, talagang seryoso kayo? hahahaha..
Bigyan nyo muna ako pampa-Belo.. Wahaha

Naalala ko tuloy dati nung maliit na maliit na maliit pa talga ako, tama, kasi ngaun maliit nako. Haha,
Nung sinali ako ni mama at nanalong Miss United Nation, eto un ooh..

Hahahaha.. Ginupit ko talaga yan pra di kasama yung partner ko. Haha.
Ako na mean. Just kiddin'. Nasira na kc talaga ung pix kaya kelangan gupitin. Hehe. {mga palusot}.
Hankyut q dba? Bwahahaha

Pangarap ko din maging model kung nabiyayaan lang ako ng Height e, why not db?
Hehe. Nahihiya na tuloy akong abutin yang pangarap na yan, Hahaha, isa pa shytype ako eeh db?.
Kaya imposible na din tlga. Hehehe..

Nahihiya po talaga ko sa lagay na yan..Bwahahahahaha

Biglang singit ulet ni Papa..

Papa: Etey, sumali kana nga sa Mygirl, kung ayaw mo matulog kana nga.
Anong oras na naman. Nagpupuyat kna naman jan sa kompyuter.....

Me: Eto na, matatapos na..wait lang, ansunget naman bigla.